Friday, March 22, 2013

First Stop: Columbus

Our first stop on our family vacation was Columbus, Ohio where my brother, Alex is an engineering student at The Ohio State. Aubrey was very excited to see her uncle and was undetered by his very collegiate getup of a Polo sweater, khaki pants, boat shoes and a mustache(who is this kid??) She prompted started climbing all over his bed and asking him a million and one questions. Then, after Martin and Alex investigated all the Columbus restaurants that have been featured on Man vs. Food, it was deteremined that we would dine in Germantown that evening.

The German part of Columbus ended up being super cute with brick streets (that were actually well-maintained....ahem.....ITHACA) and cute little bookshops and restaurants. It was a section of town that I would gladly wander about in the daytime. And the German food was amazing! I'm not a huge fan of sausages. I eat sausage. I like sausage. But I never really crave sausage. But the German Potato Salad was AMAZING. And the German Meatloaf......Just like my Grandma's! I am now determined to find her recipe. It's melt in your mouth meatloaf!

Alex downloaded a memory game on his phone to keep Aubrey entertained during the wait for our table. She was so excited about playing it she also made him keep it out throughout the entire meal and completely ignored the crayons brought to her by our server. She was so entralled in the game, I briefly contemplated downloading it on my own phone, but then quickly decided my patience would be better served if I didn't have to spend the rest of my life telling her she can't play my phone at this minute.Then we dropped Alex back off at his house so we could keep moving while the girls slept in the back and Alex could meet up with his friends to drink and discuss a bottle of wine otherwise known as the Fancy Fellows (seriously, who is this kid and where is my brother??)

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