Friday, March 8, 2013

The Small Things

Eating Jelly Beans at my parent's house goes something like this. We all are only fans of the Starburst variety. That is at least one thing we can agree on in life. Aubrey is just excited that someone is giving her candy and will gladly eat any flavor. My mom will only eat orange. My dad, a lifelong supporter of my mom, makes a concerted effort to pick out all the orange beans for her. Martin will eat any color without complaint, but doesn't go out of his way to save colors for anyone. Both my brother Mitchell and I fight over the pink ones. Garrett eats them all but, understandably, gets angry because there are never any pink or orange ones in the mix. It's a blood battle over jelly beans. So when I saw these in Target the other day - I got really excited. These jelly beans were made for me and Mitchell. I obviously had to buy a bag and may have shouted This is the best thing ever! in the aisle of Target causing an associate to look at me and laugh out loud. I tried to send Mitchell a text message about this discovery, but apparently we haven't talked on the phone since I lost all my numbers in October (whoops!) So, Jessica, show this to him when you see it, and maybe buy him a bag.


  1. I've already bought a bag of those jelly beans but Mitchell didnt see much of them cause those are my favorite!


  2. I know! So much better than having to pick them out of the variety bag.