Wednesday, March 20, 2013

How Traveling with Two Children Kicked our Butts

Last Thursday we set out on our first family vacation of four! While the vacation as a whole was spectacular and the girls were, in general, fantastic, there were definitely a few trying moments that made it seem like we possibly weren't really ready to vacation with a toddler and an infant. when we were 12.5 miles into the trip and Aubrey started throwing up in the backseat. And not just throwing up, but throwing up in epic proportions. Throwing up in such huge quantities that there was no way the mess would be cleaned up on the side of the thruway (we had to quickly disband this plan as Martin shouted to me Get back in the car before we become a stastic! ) and she had to sit in her puke clothes until we could rush to the nearest rest stop and strip her down, wash her in the sink, and change her clothes while Martin did his best to clean the car and sacrificed his shirt as a barrier between the (now wet) carseat and Aubrey.

....and when after visiting my brother in Columbus we decided to make some time while both the girls were sleeping only to arrive at a hotel in Indiana at midnight and find Aubrey's pants soaked through with pee.

...and then just a few hours later as we were intensely cleaning the carseat in the hotel room and giving both the girls a bath, Aubrey refused to get dressed and then peed on the bathroom counter and Sylvia peed all over the bed while Martin tried to dress her.

...and then just a few hours after that when we pulled over to feed Syvlia and change Aubrey only to find that her third of four pairs of jeans were completely soaked! But the upswing to that one was we quickly found out it was just water from a leaky sippy cup.

Yes, if you haven't figured it out yet....getting to St. Louis was very similar to Oregon Trail.

At one point Martin turned to me and said, There is no way we can do this with three kids, ever!

Of course, after arriving in St. Louis things got much, much easier. There were a few hiccups. Like when Aubrey puked over a plate of crepes or when Sylvia cried through an entire dinner. But by that point we were pretty much numb to any issues and looking at every situation with rose colored glasses. Like...Aubrey puked over a plate of crepes, but hey! we caught it all in a plate! and hey! the waitress didn't even notice it was puke in the plate! And...Syvlia screamed through an entire dinner, but hey! the restaurant had a comfy chair for me to feed her in! And it was pretty empty so we only ruined a handful of people's dinner!

Coming soon.....the highlights of our trip

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