Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Recommended for Ages Four and Up

The other day, the girls and I visited with my mom for lunch. After the meal, my mom exitedly pulled out a game that used to be my youngest brother's....a long, long time ago. The gist of the game was each player attempts to flick tiny dog bones into a dogs mouth which is rotating around and his mouth is also opening and closing (it's actually fairly difficult). The box is labeled for ages four and up, and as soon as I saw the game I knew it was going to be way more than Aubrey could handle. But, my mom, being a grandmother, has an inflated sense of Aubrey's intelligence. An inflated sense that only a grandparent can have.

As soon as the pieces were pulled out and the game turned on, Aubrey began attempting to get the bones into the dogs mouth. But she wasn't going to mess around with shooting them in one at a time off of some paw; she went straight for grabbing handfuls of bones and shoving them into the dogs mouth, knocking his head off almost every time. The attempts by my mom and me to show her the correct way to play the game were quickly brushed away and replaced with her clearly more efficient method.

Mom: I guess now I know why it's four and up. I thought it was just because they were afraid of toddlers eating the pieces.

We eventually settled for coaxing her to get the bones in the dogs mouth without knocking the dog's head off and without her fingers getting bitten by his mouth. That proved to be a much more age appropriate game.

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