Wednesday, March 13, 2013

One Month

Sylia turns one month old today! I saw a collage on Pinterest (where else?) with each monthly child photo taken in the same chair, a rocking chair. I decided this was a perfect idea since I love my rocking chair, I got it as a Christmas present on my first christmas as a mother, and it's a piece that I think will be in the family for years to come (for some reason to me this seemed like an important point at the time. Then I attempted to take a picture in the rocking chair and I immediately started to lose faith in the idea. But, who knows, maybe it won't look like such a terrible picture when it's combined with eleven others and shows some sort of growth progression.

Just in case the rocking chair idea doesn't pan out, I took a photo in my beloved roadside wingback. The lighting wasn't amazing and as you can see, Sylvia was sleeping through this one.

And then there's this random photo I snapped (which I actually took yesterday afternoon). I'm holding on to them all as "one month" photos and we'll see what sticks when we get to month twelve. Either way, Sylvia and I have had a delightful day celebrating her one month birthday and when I say celebrating I mean Aubrey spent the day with grandma so I cleaned the playroom (finally!) and ran a lot of errands (running errands without a toddler is a celebration of its own kind). I have also spent a significant chunk of time obsessing over Syvlia's bowel movements (or lack thereof) today. And considering last Thursday when I counted she had nine! I think reaching 6:00 PM without one is fairly significant and worth some stress.

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