Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Shrimp, Rice and Spinach with Onion


On Saturday evening, Martin had a bachelor party to attend. I had been stuck in the house since Wednesday on an intensive potty training schedule (more on that later) and was dying for some human interaction. And then Martin left. I wasn't mad at him for going to a bachelor party, but I decided if he was going to go have fun, I was going to do something fun too. So I decided to be super rebellious and make myself shrimp just for myself. I know, I know....I am a rebel. For some reason cooking shrimp without Martin being home seemed like a really mean thing to do and I actually debated if I should for a good five minutes. I finally decided if Martin was out drinking and partying with friends, the least I could do was eat shrimp.

I ended up throwing together an insanely delicious dinner with just a few ingredients, and some leftovers.

Throw approximately two tablespoons of butter in a skillet and turn skillet on low-ish.
When butter is just starting to melt swish it around the pan so it covers the entire pan
Slice an onion and carmelize it in the pan. The best way to do this is to let it cook on low for a long time - like 45 minutes.
Once the onion is fairly well carmelized throw a few handfuls of spinach with the stems cut off into the pan. Let them cook down.
Put a little garlic in the pan
Then take a handful of rice (mine was leftover from dinner the night before) and toss that in the pan to warm it up.
Finally, throw some shrimp on top and mix it all together.
Remove from heat when the shrimp is warm.

Sidenote: I had precooked shrimp in the house. If I was using raw shrimp, I would have thrown it on the skillet before the rice so it could cook through.

And if you're feeling really rebellious about eating shrimp without your husband, go all out and set a placemat on the table and mix yourself a gin and tonic. It will make you feel deliriously giddy.

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