Sunday, March 10, 2013

Tricky Tricky

The other night we made cheeseburgers for dinner. Aubrey gobbled up a few tomato slices, some pickles and all the ketchup for dipping her burger pieces, but didn't touch her burger. Eventually, after much proding, she decided that maybe she wasn't going to eat her burger, but she wanted to feed it to daddy (a step in some sort of direction at least). So - we cut her a deal - eat one bite yourself and then you can give daddy one bite. She seemed to think this was fair and quickly set to work eating a bite of burger. Then she fed her daddy, giggling the whole time.

Then she tried to feed him another bite. We had to remind her the same deal applies. She needs to eat a bite first. So, of course, she did. And then when starting to feed her daddy a bite, she decided it would be halarious if she denied him the food and ate his bite herself. She proceeded to do this with the rest of the burger.

Martin: Well, congratulations Aubrey, you just tricked yourself into eating your own dinner.
Aubrey: (proudly) Uh-huh!

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