Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Bar....and Buffet

I got this beauty from the Salvation Army last week. I'm insanely excited about it!

We have one room in our house that is in the perfect location to be a "bar room." It is off of the Kitchen/Living Room/Pool Room/Porch. Does it get any more convenient than that? It's also about the perfect size for the job. But I've been having a tough time getting the exact inspiration for how to turn this room into a bar room. Thus far, the closest it's come is hosting an array of crockpots for our taco bar on New Year's Eve.  For the most part it's just been the home of random junk and a great place for hanging clothes to dry during the winter months.

But now that I've got one piece, I'm feeling inspired. So, like the crazy person that I am, I made a list of all the things I want to do to the room (I actually went ahead and did this for every room in the house - the list is over two pages long and I didn't even include a few spaces for which I have no inspiration). 

This is what I have listed to do in the bar room:
Change out overhead light fixture (mason jar? industrial looking?)
Put barn beam around entire wall from barn across street
Make burlap curtains
Remove wallpaper
Repaint top and bottom of wall (colors?)
Create sitting area on opposite wall of bar (two wingback chairs from living room, church pew, some sort of coffee table)
Maybe another wine barrel table with a couple stools also?
Art on walls

Any thoughts/suggestions for the room - send them my way. I'm all ears!


  1. That is a beautiful piece of furnature, I LOVE it! I am sure you'll hv tons of ideas you can get from pintrest.. lol

    1. BTW.. this is Gretchen that left you that message, :-)

  2. Wine glass racks...

    1. Even better... rustic ones... using an old rake...

    2. I've seen those! Cute idea!