Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Baby Food

Since Aubrey started on solids, I have been making all of her baby food (with the exception of rice cereal). It is so easy and became so second nature to me that when we were packing for a day on the road to a pig roast earlier this summer, I had a temporary freak out because there was no food for Aubrey. (our refrigerator hadn't been working correctly and we had spent the week eating it down so we could unplug it while we were away). For some reason I couldn't wrap my head around any alternative meal plan for Aubrey and was seriously concerned with what we would feed her. That's when Martin reminded me that we could probably just stop at the grocery store and pick up some baby food. Right. The Grocery Store. Baby Food. Of Course.

I initially started making Aubrey's food because I am cheap. But after purchasing a few baby food products the day of the pig roast, I am completely turned off by them. I am scared to eat them and if I can't eat them - why should Aubrey? Don't get me wrong. They serve their purpose. I mean, they were very beneficial the day we were headed to the pig roast and I used one I had left last week when I was out of town for a day and Martin had to take Aubrey to a babysitter (I didn't want him to forget food in the refrigerator). But for the most part, the food I make her is just seriously delicious!

Tell me that doesn't look delicious?

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