Monday, August 15, 2011

I Love...

Going for walks with Aubrey. I've mentioned many times that Aubrey loves the cows (and all animals) but it's just so fun to go for walks with her and watch her utter fascination over all things living. It's amazing, inspiring, halarious and magical all at the same time.

Watching Aubrey play in a brand new tractor. Or really just watching Aubrey anywhere she is happy.

Fitting into jeans I wore freshman year of high school! These were my favorite jeans for a long time until I wore massive holes in the knees and had to retire them to farmwear. But, I've always loved them so much I was never able to take the plunge and make them cow manure jeans so they're still in wearable form. And, for the first time in a while, they fit! These jeans seriously helped my make my debut into high school. They were hand-me-downs from the girlfriend of a family friends brother (I know, long way back but they were just so cool at the time because they were from Hollister. In all honesty though, they really are the most comfortable jeans you'll ever wear.)

Riding shotgun in the truck with my daughter and my husband (not pictured)

This picture. It was the clouds in the sky over Martin packing the bunk that beaconed me to take a picture. I loved it before loading it on the computer. Then, when I bumped the saturation way up, I loved it even more.

A helper for doing laundry.

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