Thursday, August 18, 2011


Me: (relaying the day's events to Martin.) ...So Jennie was seting up her classroom today because she moved rooms this year so they could put all the grades next to each other.
Martin: It seems like I would rather just change the grade I teach than have to move all my stuff
Me: But then you'd have to come up with completely new lesson plans. You wouldn't be able to use anything from previous years
Martin: What do you mean lesson plans. I can't think of anything substantial I learned in elementary school.
Me: Reading. Basic Math. Well maybe you didn't learn basic math, but everyone else did.
Martin: I know basic math!
Me: Ok. What's 8 times 7?
Martin: 48!
Me: No! It's 56.
Martin: Oh, right. I did 8 times 6. Let's do best two out of three.

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