Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Elba Onion Festival

Martin: It smells like a dead animal over here.
Me: Yeah. I smell that too.
a few moments pass
Mom: It smells like a dead animal over here.
Me: We were just saying that.
A few minutes pass. We all look around.
Dad: Should we move somewhere else?
Martin: Well I think we'll still smell it there. I don't see a dead animal here. It'll still smell 30 feet down the street.
A few minutes pass. The parade is well under way now. The moment for moving has past.
Martin: Oh. look. There's the dead animal. It's right in front of us. It's just been run over so many times you can't even see it anymore.

Friday night was Aubrey's first parade. She really enjoyed it.

Unfortunately for my dad, she clearly wasn't old enough for candy. So all the paraders (is that the right word?) passed by her and threw candy to the kids sitting next to us. My dad didn't think it would be socially acceptable to jump up and steal their candy (although after giving them ample time to pick up some candy directly in front of us, he did scurry over there for himself!)

After the parade we all split a bloomin' onion. It's terrible on the diet, but oh so delicious and for once a year, it's definitely worth it!

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