Thursday, August 11, 2011


I'm starting to get really addicted to Sunday's at The Property (and by property, I mean my parent's spot of land on the lake) It is the perfect ending to a perfect weekend. Even if I haven't had a perfect weekend, which I did, it would still have been the perfect ending. There's just something so relaxing about being by the water, hanging out with the family.

On Saturday, Martin and I went back to our old stomping grounds in the fingerlakes for a pig roast hosted by an old co-worker and friend of Martin's. Because we had some time to kill we didn't take any major highways to get there and instead drove the scenic route. I know this may possibly be the lamest hobby ever but I absolutely love driving with Martin. I love how we can talk and talk and never run out of things to say and even if we do its ok because there's so much to look at. I love looking at houses with him and driving through festivals with him and planning out our future with him. So, I had no problem when we turned a two hour car ride into a three and a half hour car ride (including a lunch stop) on the way to a fabulous pig roast.

And then on Sunday, The Property! Martin pulled me on the tub. He was not gracious at all and I'm too stubborn to let go. There were definitely points when my body was dragging across the water with the tub sliding cockayed next to me. The first time I fell off, I lost my bikini bottoms but luckily caught them with my ankles. However, this brush with exposure really scared Martin and he made sure to ask me if I still had my bottoms on each of the following three departures.

Martin and Gabe went on a jetski ride together. The two pictures above are taken before they left.

This picture was taken after they returned. Notice how wet they are. In an ATTEMPT to show off Martin tried to turn really sharp and motioned for Gabe to lean with him so they would make the turn without flipping the jetski. Unfortunately, they leaned a little too into the turn and flipped the jetski anyway.

Oh Sunday, I love you!

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