Saturday, August 27, 2011

Little Black Dress

Me: Oh. I know what I'm going to wear to my meeting tomorrow. I'm going to wear that wrap dress because I love it and you don't like it. But I won't be seeing you so it doesn't matter.
Martin: I don't know why you like that thing. You know what I bet you would look good in, a little black dress.
Me: That's very unspecific. What do you mean a little black dress?
Martin: A little black dress. You've never heard of a little black dress?!? I hear about them all the time.
Me: Well, yeah, I have. But it's basically any black dress qualifies. I mean, you're not really narrowing it down to a specific style.
Martin: Well, I just think it would be a lot better than that glorified bathrobe you like to wear.
Me: It's not a bathrobe. Everytime I wear it I end up getting compliments from pretty much everyone except for you.
Martin: Well those people obviously don't know fashion like I do.

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