Friday, April 20, 2012

Amanda Ann

While I'm in Georgia soaking up the sun, drinking wine and catching up with my amazing college roommates I figured I'd schedule a few posts dedicated to said roommates, so you can know just how amazing they really are. So first up: Amanda Ann.

If you've ever been to college, you can relate to the feelings of the first week. The excitement of finally living on your own mixed with the anticipation of what's in store for your future mingled with the giddiness you are feeling over the number of attractive boys you are seeing (where were these people growing up?) and all slightly clouded by the fear you're trying to suppress that you won't make any friends. So, of course, you make friends with everyone. When it's time for dinner, you head to the dining hall with your entire floor. When someone is headed to campus, you walk with them. You need friends and while you're delirious with the amount of freedom that you're enjoying for the first time in your life (I can eat whatever I want for dinner??? I can fill this entire mini-fridge with keystone light?? I can stay out as late as I choose to??) you also don't want to be so free that you're a loner.

So, when my hallmate Danielle found out I was also a Communications major, she suggested we walk to our first class together. Perfect!

Danielle: Ok. I'm ready to go. We are also going to meet another girl, Amanda, she lives downstairs on the third floor. I met her at a Long Island picnic before school started.
Me: All right. Great.

From day one we were friends and we watched each other grow from girls into woman as four years slipped so quickly through our fingertips. Whatever phase we were in whether it was crush crazy, serious boyfriend, I just need someone to kiss tonight, or guys suck - we were always there for each other. Through the sake bombs, the games of beer pong, the flip cup tournaments, endless games of never have I ever and even one peed through pair of pants (sorry Amanda!) we remained friends. Through the prelims, the papers and the cramming we supported each other. And through the dreams, the hopes, the someday careers we did and still push each other.

Oh Amanda, my strawberry blonde friend, I wish I had given this speech at your wedding! Oh well. I'm sure we're having a blast in Georgia!

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