Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Running Behind

I really don't have time for much of an update but I'm addicted to blogging ( I know, it's official - enroll me in some sort of class) so I wanted to put out some sort of update. I had a fantastic time with these ladies relaxing on a Georgia lake this weekend and already can't wait until I see them again!

And just a little background on this picture.

Me: Richard, can you take a picture of us? Just press that little shutter button.
Richard: (takes picture) Here you go.
Me: (quickly scans picture mostly looking at myself in the picture)- (pass the camera around to everyone) - (watch everyone look only at themselves and then quickly decide whether they like the picture or not)
Me: I think its so funny how everyone just looks at herself in the photo and then says its good without paying attention to anyone else.
Katie: Oh yeah! Of course. Is there anyone else in the picture? Let me see it again?

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