Monday, April 16, 2012

The Diaper

We've had a few incidents with the diaper recently. We learned that when filled with water they get really really big. I wouldn't reccomend letting your child go swimming in a diaper. Something like this pictured above will result. Forgo the diaper all together and just let your child go nude.

Of course, if you let her go in the nude...she probably won't want to get dressed ever again.

And just a few other recent diaper incidents for your endless pleasure:

1. While in Florida we ran to Walmart to print some photos and get a frame to hang our memories on the wall of the Florida Home. I wasn't really thinking straight or prepared at all when we left and I ran out of the house with Aubrey, but without a spare diaper. While Ingrid and I were standing in the jewelry department speaking with an associate about Ingrid's massive sunburn I started to feel very warm on my side. I pulled Aubrey away from me to find that she had peed on me!

2. Martin: (changing Aubrey's diaper in the morning) Umm. Jenna!? Can you come here? Now!
Me: Why what's up.
Martin: There is something all over the place!
(I enter the room to find her diaper has exploded in the night and the little tiny particles that fill the diaper are covering everything).

3. My mom and dad went shopping while I was at work one day. I came out to say hi to Aubrey and was carrying her around and hugging and kissing her and in general just loving up on her for the brief moment I was with her when.......wait for it....she peed on me. AGAIN.

That's all for now, but I think that's probably plenty of diaper disasters for one month!

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