Monday, April 23, 2012


Although Ginny couldn't join us in Georgia this week (they don't reccommend flying when you're 37 weeks pregnant!) she's definitely with us in spirit.

Ginny and I became great friends when we shared an apartment junior year and even closer when we shared a room in our apartment senior year. I'm so glad I got to know Ginny and have her in my life. I remember when we decided to live together junior year I really didn't know her at all she was just a friend of Jordan's who also needed a place to live. I remember running into her in Target one day and both of us just sort of stalling around like we really should talk to each other since we're going to live together but what do we talk about???

Things got much smoother after that conversation and we've never looked back. Ginny was an amazing friend in college and since college she's continued to amaze me both with her thoughtfullness and her amazing relationship with her husband which I greatly admire. In college, as my roommate, Ginny was one of my closest confidantes and I was lucky to have her just a few steps from my desk/bed/living area at all times.

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