Sunday, April 22, 2012

Miss Jordan

If I were asked to describe the quintessential Southern girl, I would probably just describe Jordan. Everything about her just seems to ooze Southern hospitality and charm. She even has a cute Southern accent. It's only fitting that she's our host for the weekend. And even more fitting that she has planned a huge BBQ in our honor.

When I first "met" Jordan in college I didn't really meet her at all. Rather I heard about this amazing girl who could carry four five gallon pails full of milk at one time. Jordan, I hope you always list that as your greatest life accomplishment, because - it's badass! Jordan and I started to spend more time together sophomore year and decided to live together junior year when our friendship really took off. We had an amazing time hosting dinners, toy parties, and lots of other fun events at our cottage.

The thing I love about Jordan is she is the friend that is always there for you. Though we've been pretty touch and go about keeping good contact since graduation, I always know Jordan is just a phone call away when I really need a friend.

Jordan, thank you so much for welcoming us into your home! You are an amazing friend!

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