Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Probably my favorite day in Florida was the day we went to the beach. And pictures just seem to come out better with a beach backdrop. Every time I look through our vacation photos I am drawn to the ones at the beach (and I know it's not because I just learned to take a picture for a few brief moments.) The sand and the water really just make the perfect backdrop for.....well...anything.

When we first arrived Aubrey was a little anxious about the sand. I realized she was too young for sandboxes last summer and the beach experience was literally her first experience with a sandbox, albeit a giant one. When I put her on the ground right outside the suburban she started to cry and immediately crawled up into my lap.

But with very little coercing, she suddenly discovered the joys of sand and took to it like a fish in water...hahaha. Don't worry if you're not laughing, I'm still cracking myself up over here.

Aubrey also really enjoyed watching these people play racketball/tennis/I'm sure this game has a name. And she just stood there and watched the ball go back and forth, back and forth until it would drop and then she would run to retrieve it.

She even did pretty well with the ocean....well until a wave that hit at my midcalf pulled her under the water. She didn't really love that.

And our neighbors on the beach. She loved them. Every free moment she was sneaking over there to play with Nolan and his sand toys. At first I kept trying to bring her back, not wanting her to bother them, but then I figured If you can't beat 'em, join 'em and I followed her over there and let her play while I chatted with the grandma. This turned out to be perfect because when Nolan decided he was going to drop his swim trunks to his ankles and pee in the ocean I had a front and center view. And then when he decided to step out of them and run around naked I was still front and center. So....that was funny.

And little Karalyn was just a little to young to enjoy all the beach fun, but she did enjoy a little summer siesta.


  1. please come visit. you need to steal my photos and blog about them since i don't. and all the ingredients for fresh salsa are on my shopping list.


  2. ok. we can definitely make all the happen. and I realized when I was driving today that I forgot to add cilantro to the salsa ingredients.'s not crucial I suppose.