Thursday, April 12, 2012


For some reason or other, tennis is a sport that I didn't really know that much about. I never really knew the rules or how to keep score ( I knew there was some love in there.....but if love equals zero that seems a little counterintuitive) and I pretty much just play under the "hit the ball over the net whereever it lands" type of rules. But.....we played a lot of tennis in Florida and now I'm pretty familiar with all the rules.

And knowing the rules is really a curse. I used to think I knew how to serve because I could consistently get the ball over the net. Then I learned that you have to not only get the ball over the net but also get it in the first half of the court on a certain side -  forget about it! With rules like that I'd like to play it a little more like ping pong, you only score when you're serving (I know, I know, that wouldn't work because only one team would have an opportunity to serve each me..I learned the rules. I just think that rule would really help to alleviate my poor aiming problem. A LOT.)

Martin and I have basically decided we need to get really good at tennis this summer so on return trips to Florida we can conquer the court, something we most certainly did not do this time around.

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