Monday, April 23, 2012

Martin Has All The Moves

I recently rediscovered this video after way too long. If you've seen this already - watch it again, you'll be sure to chuckle. If you haven't, then you should definitely watch this immediately. The picture is kind of dark and grainy but its totally worth looking through poor lighting. It's videos like this one that remind my why I married Martin in the first place (not that I need reminding, he's amazing!) But that confidence, you can't just find that anywhere. And those moves! Watch this video and tell me you're not impressed.


  1. That video made my day complete. I am pretty sure I have seen Martin get down like that once or twice before. The boy DOES have some fly moves! ~ Jenni

    1. Jenni! I know! I serious love this video!

  2. So I like to use this video if I ever need to explain why I find your husband so awesome and funny..hope you dont mind.