Sunday, April 15, 2012

Kitchen Sink

On our last day in Florida, Mr. Panek...I mean Jim, not sure what I should write on here? took us on a tour of different Disney hotels. We went swimming in the hotel pools, ate lunch and in general just took in all the details. Before I go any further...THE DETAILS. I mean, Disney seriously knows what they are doing when it comes to details.  In the Animal Kingdom Lodge, there is a drummer playing African tribal music in the lobby, there are actually animals from Africa in the backyard, the employees are all from Africa, and even the bannisters look like little sticks from a jungle. In the wilderness lodge - the chandeliers are teepees!, there's a babbling brook running through the lobby and they've even pegged everything down to the fact that people that stay there probably listen to country music and that's what is blasting at the hotel pool (sidenote: while walking through that pool area Aubrey decided she needed to break it down and set down her sippy cup and just started dancing. She really is my daughter!) I would say the only hotel that they maybe missed a detail was Beaches and Cream. And the only reason I say that is because we were eating lunch there and it's supposed to look like an 50s Malt Shop....but Ingrid's reaction was more like this: What are they wearing? If I had to wear that outfit I would kill myself. I mean, what is the theme even? Colonial?

After pigging out on tons of fresh salsa and lots of delicious grilled meals on our vacation I was feeling a little like I had eaten way too much by the time Tuesday rolled around. So when we decided to have lunch at Beaches and Cream I was feeling pretty good about myself when I ordered a grilled vegetable sandwich. And even better about myself when I got fruit, instead of fries, as my side. And still better when the meal appeared and the portions were pretty manageable. Finally, I'm going to leave this meal and not feel stuffed. And then the conversation drifted to ice cream and how Beaches and Cream has a kitchen sink which is literally a kitchen sink bowl filled with 8 scoops of ice cream and every single topping in the joint. It's like a heart attack in a bowl. Ryan was telling Martin, Ingrid and I (we were at a seperate table from the rest) how last time he and three other guys had gotten a kitchen sink and they could barely finish it. We were looking around to find a similar bowl to compare the size.

Ryan: Oh, they're making one back there now. We'll see it in a minute when they bring it out.


Then the waitress came over to take our plates:
Was everything okay? Can I get you anything else? They already ordered you dessert.

....They already ordered you dessert. You could have wiped the collective dropping of our faces up with a rag as we all realized at the exact same moment just who was going to have to eat that kitchen sink they were so busily making behind the counter.

And moments later our fears were confirmed when the sirens starting echoing through the restaurant (seriously, there is literally sirens) and our kitchen sink was served.

Needless to say, I also felt stuffed at the end of that meal.

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