Saturday, December 8, 2012

Daddy's Deer

Now that we own a little piece of woods, Martin has become an avid hunter. Or maybe not avid, but he seems pretty dedicated to me since he uses all the weekend morning when he could be sleeping in and cuddling up in bed to sit in the cold in a tree stand and wait for deer to pass through his line of vision. On opening weekend Martin got a buck and when he brought the deer up to the house, Aubrey wanted to get in the picture with Daddy and the deer. This has quickly become her all time favorite picture (which I understand is slightly morbid considering one of the three subjects is dead) and she asks to look at the picture multiple times a day. Everyime she sees my phone she screams....Picture of daddy's deer, please! The second deer Martin got we decided to have made mostly into hotdogs and Aubrey couldn't be more thrilled. She spent the entire car ride  to the butcher's telling us how much she loves hotdogs and how she's going to get hotdogs from the deer.

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