Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Pregnancy Brain

On Sunday night as I was walking into the house with my arms full of sleepy toddler and freshly decorated Christmas cookies ( thanks for the great afternoon, Jen!) I left the keys to our house hanging in the doorway. Within a few minutes Martin came in the house with my keys in hand and set them gently next to my purse.

Fast forward to Monday morning when I'm rushing around trying to get out of the house. Sitting next to my purse is....not my keys. I start frantically searching high and low. I looked in my purse, under the counter, in the toy room. I called Martin to verify that he had set my keys next to my purse. Eventually I really needed to get to work as I was already late for a meeting so I called my mom and she came to save us and to let me borrow her truck for the day.

Monday night I had to work late so Martin started the key search before my arrival. His conversations with Aubrey went something like this:
Martin: Aubrey, do you know where you put mommy's keys? Did you take them off the counter>
Aubrey: mommy lost keys!

By the time I arrived home close to ten Martin had given up the search and was cuddled on the couch with a very exhausted Aubrey watching Dora. As I grabbed Aubrey and leaned her against my shoulder on our way to bed, I did a quick scan of the area for my keys.

Me: Aubrey, do you know where mommy's keys are?
Aubrey: the keys in your purse.
Me: no, I'm pretty sure they're not in my purse. I already emptied that this morning.

I go back over to my purse anyway and empty the front pocket yielding a wallet, some change, and a spoon from lunch. I empty the back pocket pulling out my 2012 planner, my 2013 planner, an envelope, and just when I'm reaching down to grab my checkbook .... My keys!

Me: I really thought I checked this! In sorry honey.
Martin: you have pregnancy brain.

This event is coming right on the heels of Martin and I watching this episode of How I Met Your Mother, an episode which while watching I was actually thinking to myself that my judgement has not been at all impaired by my pregnancy. Apparently I've got a few things to learn about myself.

ps. sorry for the poor quality of this clip. It was the only one I could find on youtube.

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