Wednesday, December 5, 2012


I was on vacation last week and so decided to head up to Boston with Aubrey to visit my best friend, Caton, for a few days. I was there Tuesday through Thursday and Caton was working all those days so during the day, Aubrey and I toured around and saw the sites ourselves.

It was a great trip and I had a chance to spend Wednesday catching up with an old friend from college that I haven't seen in four years! (It's sad to think I've been out of college for long enough to go four years without seeing a friend.) It was great catching up with her and hearing about all the awesome things she is doing (saving the world doing amazing neuro-research, something I would never have the patience for)
In my head, before leaving on this trip, browsing through Boston with a two year old while being seven months pregnant was going to be a breeze. Even as I write that I realize just how ridiculous it sounds. And believe it or not, it wasn't as easy as I anticipated. Carry a twenty pound belly and a thirty pound child gets pretty heavy fairly quickly. And Aubrey got tuckered out from walking pretty quickly too. Above, you can see her sleeping on a windowsill while I enjoyed lunch with a friend.
But spendind a little bit of time relaxing and hanging out in Caton's apartment turned out to be pretty fun. I got a chance to catch up on some vacation reading and Aubrey made fast friends with Caton's dog, Elly.
Spending time with Caton was also spectacular and Caton never fails to make me laugh until my sides ache.
Me: (on the phone with Caton) Hmm I wonder about...(I actually can't remember what I was trying to figure out, but it was something.
Caton: Oh, hang on. I can probably ask Siri.
Pause in conversation
Caton: Siri???
Me: Nope, it's still me.
Caton: Oh, I guess maybe you can't talk to Siri while you're on the phone.
Me: It sounds like you're calling to her as if she's a Genie or something.

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