Thursday, December 6, 2012


This year, we hosted Thanksgiving at our new house! I got way too excited about hosting this event and took way too many pictures of the preparation....and then none when all the people actually arrived! Whoops!

My turkey...early in the day...just starting to get a nice brown to it. By meal time it was a beatiful golden brown and falling off the bone! Huge success!

My sister in law always texts me with super cute photos of her super cute outfits. If I put together a cute outfit I tend to see how many different times I can wear it and not see the same people twice. I decided to send her a photo of my Thanksgiving day outfit with the message Only when you are six months pregnant do jeans and a cardigan qualify as a creative outfit.

I took numerous pictures on the progression of the table decorating which I was very pleased with the end result. The tablecloth is an old antique tablecloth from Martin's grandfather. It's a little short for the table, but I think it worked our perfect anyway. Aubrey and I collected the leaves in the front lawn earlier in the fall and then we scattered them throughout the center of the table and put one large one on each plate setting.  Aren't those hot plates Martin cut me from the tree in our yard adorable?? I'm in love with them. They are so much more festive than seeing regular hotplates down the table.  And I love seeing all the food lined up across the table! My dad sat down at the table and took one look at his plate with an autumn leaf posed on it and gruffly wondered What am I supposed to do with this leaf??? Me: It doesn't matter....just set it in the center of the table, there's a ton in there anyway. He then promptly threw his leaf on the floor.

Thanksgiving was such a gorgeous day this year we were able to go for a nice long walk in the woods afterward and then help Martin finish cleaning up the tree in our yard. Now we have a nice pile of wood ready to burn in our fireplace! So thankful for a great family to spend the holiday with and can't wait to host many more holidays!

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