Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Tree....

I suggested we take a family expedition to get a tree on Sunday, December 2.....This seemed like a perfect plan until Martin remembered how he had cursed our tree stand the previous two years and how our trees had spent most of the holiday season leaning against a wall. And then he remembered how he had vowed to make a much better tree stand this year. So that's how the afternoon was spent on Sunday.

No tree will be tipping in this stand anytime soon! And it's since been painted red so it looks very festive!

Wandering up and down the rows looking for the perfect tree while Aubrey yells, I got to pick one out intermittently every few seconds.

Man.....she is cute!

Martin screwing the tree into the stand, a process that took under five minutes this year!.....We've come so far. (notice Aubrey crouched down behind Martin "helping" out)

And Aubrey immediately asking for a picture in front of her pretty tree, then having difficulty looking at the camera. This is obviously pre-ornaments but still a beaut. (Also half of our strand of lights didn't work so its just randomly laying on the ground.)

The selecting and setting up of our tree this year was so smooth it is almost not worth posting about. It's really out of character for us. I don't know if this means we're growing up, getting smarter, dumb luck, or I'm speaking to soon and it's going to come crashing down before we reach the BIG DAY. (Probably the last option).


  1. LOL - my favorite part of this whole post is the last paragraph. Love it.

    1. Thanks...and it's true. I'm holding my breathe over here!