Sunday, December 9, 2012

First Haircut

On our last day in Boston, Aubrey and I were walking around and looking into a few different shops. Basically, we were just lazily enjoying out day and getting to know Caton's neighborhood a little bit better. We wandered by this shop which I thought was a toystore and decided to go inside. I figured Aubrey could play with a few toys and we could take a little break from walking. It's not hard to understand why I thought this was a toy shop considering that it looks amazingly fun! but upon entering we realized it was not a toy shop at all, but instead a place that exclusively cuts children's hair. Since I've been meaning to schedule a hair appointment for Aubrey, we decided to go for it right that morning. And Aubrey was such a good sport. She sat so still and really enjoyed herself. It probably didn't help that the hairdresser gave her her first ever lollipop to suck on while she got her hair trimmed, but regardless - look at that little lady! Since the appointment she's been walking around holding her hair and telling people she got a haircut and a lollipop. Oh the joys of being a child!

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