Sunday, December 23, 2012

That Crazy Hour

Yesterday, I spent the day hanging out with my amazing sister in law, Ingrid. Meaning, I dragged her to work with me for a few hours and then we had an amazing lunch and caught up on some tv shows ( the Mindy Project anyone. ) also I made her follow me all around the house while I folded laundry and gave Aubrey a bath. In a great hostess like that. Martin had been spending the day with Gabe and at some point when we were still at work, he recruited my brothers to go get my Christmas present. They rolled home about 6:30 after spending four hours at the Crooked Door ( our local bar). Gabe made a late entry because he was calling up dragons in our backyard. Alex wandered into the house, fell on the couch and then proceeded to puke all over our couch and floor within a minute. Mitchell are 6 pieces of pizza and just giggled a lot. He was basically a toddlers dream cone true as there has been no other time when someone so enthusiastically played dinosaur with Aubrey. Gabe came in the house and declared he needed to move the crib upstairs for me. I told him not to worry about it for the moment. He took matters into his own hands and bent the crib trying to drag it. I made Alex clean up the puke because it was making everyone gag. He managed to get a trail of puke from the living room to the kitchen. Martin kept apologizing. All I could really do was laugh.

Martin: I am so sorry. Please don't look at our credit card bill.
Me: wait. Did you buy their drinks?
Martin: well... They paid for some of them.
Me: so what you're saying is you took them to the bar, paid for them to get drunk, and then brought them back to our house so they could puke on our couch and break our crib.
Martin: it sounds a lot worse when you say it like that.

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