Friday, December 14, 2012

Christmas Decorations

Since I've already posted about our tree, I figure I'd share with you the other small christmas decorations scattered about our house. Above is my Nativity which I love! My youngest brother, Garrett, made the manger for me the first year Martin and I were married and even though a little bit of the straw comes unglued each time I move the set, I really love the rustic look. And the nativity pieces are part of a gorgeous set which my mom has been slowing giving us a piece at a time since we were married.

Ice skates, a christmas book, some tractors with ornaments scattered about....a very low maintenance christmas display.

Our mantle, though I'm having a very hate relationship with the cords hanging down from our tree and then dragging across the floor to our computer (I'm in the process of dealing with them and in the process is code for I know they look terrible but I haven't had the time or energy to make them look nicer yet) I love the idea of actually hanging stockings by the fireplace with care.

Martin: That picture looks like it was taken in the 1960s or something.
Me: Well, it's my mom as a it was taken in the 60s.
Martin: Oh, I thought that was you and Alex or something. I guess I better take a closer look at it.

Have I mentioned that my mom gave me her player piano!!!! It's provided countless hours of fun for Aubrey and I since we've moved it into the house.

This is a very small and pathetic attempt at decorating outside. Maybe next year I'll get bigger, better and add some lights.

And my personal favorite, the book tree! Aubrey looks lovingly at this tree every night and says Ooo, Christmas!

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