Sunday, December 16, 2012

Keeping Me In Line

Ok... so here's a confession. I am terrible at putting together cute outfits and when I do assemble something I think looks cute I usually try to wear it two days in a row, provided I'm not going to see the same people again. Another confession: when I say looks cute I really mean anything that looks presentable. It doesn't even really need to be cute.

Since I've been pregnant and huge and assembling public worthy outfits seems like the hardest task of my life, I've gotten much much worse with this habit.

Martin: Is that what you're wearing to church?
Me: Um....yeah....why?
Martin: That's like the third day in a row you've worn that shirt! I'm pretty sure you wore it to bed last night.
Me: Fine! I'll change! I just don't have that many clothes that I look decent in!