Thursday, January 12, 2012

Chicago! The Airplane

Did you know, babies fly for free on your lap until the age of two. And, on Southwest Airlines, bags also fly for free! (This proved to be very useful because traveling with a baby requires a lot of crap). The same girl that went to Europe for ten days on a trip that required both business and pleasure attire with just a small backpack absolutely needed both of my free bag options for this trip. Between the pack and play and the carseat and the stroller and the 15 changes of clothes in case she ruined the ones she was wearing. And the toys and the snacks. I was really starting to question if I even wanted to go on vacation at all as we waddled into the airport with all our crap.

Our gate was right next to a children's play area which worked out perfect as our flight was delayed by an hour and Aubrey had plenty to keep her entertained.

And on the flight, she was....pretty good. The part of my that forgets everything stressful that happened once everything has ended well wanted to type she was a perfect angel, but the realist in me remembers how she threatened to cry and ruin everyone's trip multiple times and this was discouraged only by the fact that we walked up and down the aisle saying hello to everyone as we passed. So yes, all is well that ends well and I would definitely do it again. Preferable multiple time, before she turns two while it's still free.

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