Saturday, January 14, 2012

Chicago! Navy Pier!

It was cold in Chicago. They don't call it The Windy City for no reason. We wanted to make sure Aubrey was warm while we were walking around, so we really bundled her up. Doesn't she look hilarious! She reminds me of Randy from A Christmas Story.

I can't move my arms!

Saturday night when we met up with Amanda and Zach we went for a walk. We walked a long way in the wrong direction and then we turned around and went to Navy Pier. I'd like to place the blame of the wrong direction walking on someone, it just seems like the thing to do, unfortunately, that someone could probably be me and I don't want to do THAT. Amanda and I just walk very fast we're always walking like we're on some sort of important mission. Even when we have no idea where we're going or in what direction we're walking. Zach and Martin like to mosey. So even when they have an idea what direction we're walking in, they'll just mosey along behind. This type of thinking often leads to problems.

It didn't matter, it was just good to walk and take in the sites. And it had the added bonus that when we left Navy Pier it was dark and everything looked gorgeous.

I heard Amanda ask Zach to take a picture of the city at least  four times before I had the presence of mind to make a joke about it causing Zach to finally hear. Of course, I didn't have the presence of mind to slow my pace for this picture until Martin scolded me moments later.

And between the ships in the pier and the city lights in the background. The laughter we were making and our adorable child dressed up like Randy from A Christmas Story it really was a picture perfect moment.

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