Tuesday, January 10, 2012


On Saturday while I was deep cleaning our apartment, I was on the last room of the house and scrubbing the kitchen floor when Aubrey decided she wanted to help. She kept trying to get a rag from my to dip into the water and I thought, what the hell, if I can teach her to scrub the floor at such a young age I'll have my very own Cinderella. And I think we all can agree that would be like striking gold!

I gave her a clean rag, but she didn't really get the concept and instead of scrubbing the floor like I demonstated to her. She mostly dipped her rag in the water and then dripped the soapy water on her legs. Silly girl, that's not going to clean the floor.

There were a few points when she did actually sweep the rag across the floor in a cleaning like gesture, but for the most part she was pretty happy with the dripping water. Of course, I did really start to question the intelligence of my decision when I glanced over from my lonely scrubbing (Cinderella, you are no help!) and saw her sucking on her rag.

So, maybe not my Cinderella in the sense of doing all my chores for me, but still my little princess.

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