Thursday, January 19, 2012

Cotton Candy, Anyone?

On Friday afternoon when we first arrived in Chicago, we immediately headed to the outskirts to spend the afternoon, evening and night with my previous co-worker and peer advisor whom has since been promoted. Her husband, Bill, was kind enough to pick us up from the airport. When you leave Midway airport and head towards Bill and Stephanie's home you drive through some areas of Chicago that are.....well, definitely not well known for tourism.

Martin: Oh, look there's an office chair on the side of the road. Anyone need an office chair.
Bill: Somebody will kill you for that office chair around here.
(seconds later we see a man scurrying down the underpass to retrieve his lost office chair, looking up we find an entire home set up under that underpass)

Me: What is that guy doing walking down the middle of this highway.
Martin: Oh my gosh....he's selling cotton candy! We really should buy some
Bill: That is honestly the first time I've ever seen anyone peddling cotton candy on the side of the road.
(we then watched as a truck stopped in the middle of the intersection to purchase some cotton candy, causing all the cars behind him to miss their opportunity to turn left.)

Bill: We really should have purchased some of that cotton candy. It would have been a great story and really added to your Chicago experience.

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