Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Other Highlights From Game Night

During a game called Telepathy. In the game each person has a theme word and everyone else needs to write five words they associate with that particular word. The point is to get as many matches as possible.

Alex: Ok. I had lake
Me: Oh yay! I had lake too!
Martin: You had lake for banana??
Me: The word was hammock.
Martin: Oh. I guess banana hammock was the first thing that came to mind and I got on a tangent.


During Taboo

Gabe: People stood in lines of these during the great depression
Amanda: Bread
Gabe: What else?
Amanda: Soup?
Gabe: Yes. And what was the most popular brand?
Caton: Campbell's?
Gabe: Yes!

Tim: It's a really happy erect penis
Alex: Boner
Tim: Ok. But just part of it
Martin: Bone
Tim: Yeah. A laughing one of those.
Caton: Funny Bone!

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