Sunday, January 15, 2012

Chicago! Magnificent Mile!

We were fortunate enough to stay in an amazing and affordable hotel right off the Magnificent Mile.  I'm not usually one to care much for the accomodations, but the location, the price and the set-up of the rooms were completely perfect for traveling with a baby. There was actually a door between the bedroom and a small living room so we could put Aubrey to bed at night and then still stay up eating, drinking, laughing and talking in the common room. We walked The Magnificent Mile on Sunday morning to look in all the windows and see all the shops. Did you know that there is a small castle-like building on the Magnificent Mile that was a water control building. It is also the only building still standing from before the Great Chicago Fire. Just a little Chicago trivia for your Sunday morning read.

One of my favorite parts about walking the Magnificent Mile was watching all the little girls carrying their American Girl dolls and headed to the American Girl store. We didn't go in there, but we did go into the Lego Store which was right next door (I want Aubrey to be an engineer when she grows up so I'm trying to facilitate that type of learning environment.....I kid, I kid. She can be whatever she wants - provided whatever she wants falls into the category of engineer, architect, famous chef, ballet dancer, or doctor) Anyway, that entire scene above was made out of legos. Pretty neat, huh?

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  1. Boy if anyone ever posted a picture of me with a Woody I would be PISSED! I guess Martin is a good sport.