Friday, January 20, 2012

Your Bag

*Packing for my company Holiday party out of town last weekend*

Me: Whoa! You're packing all this stuff?? I thought we could maybe just take one bag plus the hanger bag with your suit and my dress.
Martin: I'm just throwing my stuff together.
Me: We're going for ONE night. Do you really need two extra pairs of boxers and three tee shirts. You're going to be in your suit most of the time.
Martin: Ok. I'll take some stuff out.
Me: Also, I wanted to put our shoes in the bag first so they don't get our clothes dirty.
Martin: Ok. Does my duffel bag work, or do you have a particular  bag you want to use to?
Me: ...well....I actually do like my duffel bag better.
Martin: Of course you do. Well, find me this AMAZING bag and I'll fill it up.

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