Wednesday, January 25, 2012

On Heeding Warnings

Last weekend we had to purchase a new bottle of canola oil (if you don't remember the catostauphic circumstances in which I parted ways with my  last bottle read more about it here ) It was sitting on our countertop and Martin started reading the side

Martin: Wow. If you had just read the side panel of the bottle we probably could have saved ourselves a lot of trouble. You basically did the opposite of everything it says here.
Me: What do you mean?

*taken from the side of the bottle*
WARNING: Oil will catch fire if overheated. Damage or serious burns may result.

DO heat oil carefully, uncovered, on medium heat
DO reduce heat if smoking occurs
DO NOT leave unattended while heating.
DO NOT refill bottle with hot oil.

DO turn off heat
DO cover pot until cooled to room temperature to avoid reignition
DO NOT carry pot until cool.
DO NOT put water on hot or flaming oil.

On the plus side, I DID NOT put water on the hot/flaming oil and I also DID NOT attempt to refill the bottle with hot oil.

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