Tuesday, January 24, 2012


I love reading so, naturally, I want my daughter to share that feeling with me. I want her to gobble books up, to get lost in stories, to really get caught up in the characters in a book. Before having a baby, I had a really idealized idea of reading books with children. In my head, every night before bed we would cuddle up and read a couple of books. It would obviously be a great bonding experience and the favorite part of both of our days. Since having a child, all my previous notions on a short attention span have been revised. Aubrey will rarely sit still for a single page let alone an entire book. On top of that, the children's books that contain few enough words that I can actually get through them before Aubrey greedily turns the page are really boring. And, right around bedtime, Aubrey usually wants to go to bed and I'm usually ready to put her to bed and neither of us are really in the mood for sitting through some boring story. Needless to say, I was discouraged. But I persevered. I say that in the sense that I kept books around Aubrey. We read books during the day. And there are always books available for Aubrey to thumb through or to bring to me to read to her. And, I don't want to speak too soon, because who knows, maybe she'll hate reading. But for right now, she really enjoys books! Every morning when she wakes up and sees the baskets full of books in the corner of her room she screeches and chooses a book to read/play with. And multiple times throughout the day I'll find her thumbing through a book and intently taking in the pictures (intently meaning, as intently as possible in the four to fifteen seconds before she loses patience and turns the page)

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