Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Chicago! Shedd Aquarium

We also went to the aquarium in Chicago. It was outside the aquarium that we first tried our beloved Chicago dogs. Aubrey really like watching all the fish.

And there was a Christmas dolphin show going on.

And Aubrey was a complete angel. Also, so many things that I always wondered why they existed I have realized the reason since having a child. Like lockers in public places. Previously, my thought process went something like this, who would pay for a locker. How hard is it to carry your coat.

After having a child, my thought process went something like this, A locker! For only fifty cents! That is amazing! And I don't have to carry around Aubrey's stroller....and her coat....and her snowpants....and my coat....I can just carry her and possibly a sippy cup. Sign me up please!

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