Monday, January 30, 2012

Suck It

On Saturday afternoon my sister-in-law, Megan, came over with her two daughters, my adorable nieces, for lunch. Before we went into the kitchen for lunch we were catching up in the living room. Martin was tossing Aubrey around and she very lightly tapped her head on the computer. Because she has this uncanny ability to be super resilient if she hits her head while doing something she is not supposed to be doing and then crying hysterical if someone else is to blame for her injury - she, in true form, started to cry.

Kendyll: Aubrey....that didn't hurt.

*Aubrey crawls over to me and continues to whimper*

Kendyll: Suck it, Aubrey.

*everyone breaks out into fits of laughter*

Martin: Did she just tell Aubrey to suck it?
Megan: I think she was going for Suck it up because that's what I usually say to her, but she was just a lot more direct.

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  1. Why would any mother teach their child such vulgarities?