Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Go Bills!

Before we even get into the Bills Game, I would just like to take a brief moment to talk about how cute I am and how amazing I am at surprises. For Christmas Caton, knowing we were going to the Bills game, got Aubrey and I C.J. Spiller jerseys. So on Christmas Eve morning, Aubrey and I slipped into the kitchen, pulled the jerseys out of the cupboard where I was hiding them and then tiptoed into Martin's room holding the sign above. Can you say adorable? Because that's what it was. Martin was so excited to be going to the game, but also just for the surprise. He actually said (multiple times)that it was worth it just to see Aubrey and I come in the room with the jerseys, even if we didn't go to the game.

 But we did go to the game. When I was telling everyone at work about my amazing Christmas present for Martin, they all informed me that, no eleven would no be the proper time to arrive for tailgating and that I should be there at 9. I was surprised, but I'm never one to turn down advice. We were parked and unloading our beer, cups, food and grill by 9:45.

Gabe: 7 and 9. The Bills are going to the Superbowl.
Someone: I don't think that's going to happen
Gabe: Well. You know, maybe all the Patriots will come down with syphilis
Canadian Girl playing beer pong with us: You don't just come down with syphilis. You can work through that shit.

There were lots of fun outfits out for Christmas Eve, including a lot of Santas, someone dressed up as Jesus carrying a cross that said Tebow, a Bills Elvis, and this fun outfit above.

Gabe brought a completely frozen hunk of venison sausage. But we worked through it. It thawed and then cooked on the grill. And here we are over a week later and none of us has died from it!

It was so delicious he couldn't resist feeding it to Martin like a mother bird feeding her child.

Gabe: (laying on the ground to take the picture) You look like giants!

Once inside that game we got to see an amazing game full of interceptions! And the Bills actually won! 40 to 14! And Jim Kelley (yes, Caton, the real Jim Kelley, not just someone in his jersey) was sitting three rows behind us for the first half!

Go Bills! Go Go Go! Bills Bills Bills!

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