Friday, January 13, 2012


Sunday was one of those amazing days that makes you wish everyday could be just that way. We dragged ourselves out of bed in the morning and went to church (this part was especially difficult after going out the night before). After church we went and got groceries. When we got home at 11:30 Aubrey immediately passed out (she had been up until 10 the night before and then again from midnight until 1:30ish when we finally went home - partying is really hard on the whole family).

Aubrey took a four hour nap until 3:30 and Martin took a two hour nap. We layed around a lot. We ate lunch in the living room.

We wrapped ourselves up in blankets and drank coffee during the day. And then we watched countless episodes of How I Met Your Mother.

At 5:00 Katie and Ryan came over with their adorable daughter, Karalyn. We had steak sandwiches and broccoli. Karalyn is so cute I could have just eaten her. She is getting to that really cute chubby baby phase that Aubrey is too quickly growing out of. I wanted to have her cheeks for dessert. Katie wouldn't let me. But she did give me a extra cute smile so I said that would suffice for now.

Oh, Sunday....I want you back.

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