Saturday, January 28, 2012

Words With Friends

I recently discovered Words with Friends. I say discovered in a very loose sense because it's basically scrabble on a phone so its been around for centuries. Anyway, I had never heard of it until I heard about Alec Baldwin refusing to stop playing it at the airport. My interest was slightly peaked by a game that was clearly so good it couldn't even be put down to fly through the air but I still didn't bite the bullet and seek it out.

Then, a couple weeks ago, I was watching the Giants beat the Packers and I decided to look it up. And then I decided to start a game with Caton. And then I was apparently supposed to make the first move but the game had given me all consonants and I couldn't form a single word. So I had to pass. On my first move.

To say that Caton crushed me in this game is a huge understatement but I felt like I really learned a lot about strategy from her and when my sister-in-law, Jenn, started a game with me - I felt like I was much more equipped to play.

The great thing about Words with Friends is it really doesn't require any time -  I mean, other than the massive vocabulary that is in a constant swirl around my head now (hmm. what words do I know that end with x? What about q? Is there anything I can add to the end of that word other than an s to elongate it as I am typing another word? I feel smarter already and I haven't even typed anything) but time commitment wise - it's not there. You play when you have a minute. If you don't have a minute until 24 hours after your opponent last played NO BIG DEAL. It's pretty amazing. It took Caton and I almost two weeks to complete our first game. Which sort of leads me to wonder why was it such a huge deal for Alex Baldwin to shut it off? but that's a whole other question.

The other amazing thing about Words with Friends is I feel like I'm really communicating with these people that I, otherwise, don't talk to enough. If someone were to ask me if I'd talked to Caton lately my gut reaction would be to say yes, even though the most interaction we have had during the entire month of January is placing letter tiles back and forth, and virtually at that.

So....Words with Friends....Yipee!

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